About DyStar

Formed in 1995 as a specialist in textile coloration, DyStar has transformed itself into a full solutions provider. We now offer customers a complete range of auxiliaries and colourants. Trained staff and modern service labs in all major markets ensure that customers all over the world receive fast and expert technical service.

The Dystar is world’s largest dyestuff & chemical manufacturer and solution provider, offering customers across the globe a broad portfolio of colorants, specialty chemicals, and services. With a heritage of more than a centuary in product development and innovation for the textile industry, DyStar also caters to multiple sectors including the paints, coatings, paper and packaging industries.

DyStar Group, a privately held company, is the global market leader in dyes, dye solutions, performance chemicals, new technologies and custom-manufacturer of special dyes and pigments. It provides products and services across the whole value chain in numerous industrial sectors including apparel, hosiery, automotive, carpets, leather, home upholstery, industrial fabrics and many more.

As one of the premier companies in its field with a truly global reach, DyStar operates in many different legal jurisdictions and cultures, and is responsible for complying with the law in the countries in which it works. A compliance management system coordinates and supports employees to help them act in accordance with our Core Values and Code of Conduct.

Employees Strength : 3700 worldwide
Sites: Headquarters in Singapore
Sales companies in all key markets
Agencies in approx. 50 countries
19 production facilities in 13 countries


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